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Spain visa requirements.

There are certain documents that are necessary for one to submit in order to apply for a Spain Schengen visa. Submitting these documents will enable you to qualify for a Spain visa application form. Failure to submit these documents will make ineligible for a Spain visa appointment. To evade being disqualified, you are required to submit valid as well as accurate documents for you to get your visa for Spain approved during the Spain visa appointment. Additionally, there are other several documents that you will be required to submit both original as well as copies. It's against the Spain Schengen visa rules and regulations, to arrive at a visa center carrying luggage or any kind of stuffs. Ensure to keep time on the visa appointment day so that you will not incur any extra charges.

Regardless of whether it's a tourist visa, business visa, visiting a spouse residing in Spain or the Schengen is generally, or any other type of visa needed, it's essential to submit accurate as well as relevant documents at a Spain visa center so that you can qualify for various types of Spain visa requirements. To avoid confusion, it's important to seek assistance from experts due to the various requirements needed when applying for your Spain visa. Here we’ll ensure we enable you to attain your Spain visa in the most convenient procedure. This includes the submission of the following documents to fulfill the Spain visa requirements.

If you are looking for the Spain Visa Information, then here is the list of documents which is the essential document list for processing the visa application for fulfilling the Spain visa requirement please check in below.

  • An application form.

She applying for your Spain visa, it’s required that you submit a dully-filled Spain visa application form. It’s recommended that you print the form online or fill it using a blue pen. Ensure to sign at the bottom of your printed form. The signature must be original. Once you have signed the Spain visa application form. Submit both the original as well as two copies.

  • Identical photographs.

Upon submitting your visa application form, you should bring two identical photos that should be less than three months old. The photos should also match the Spain visa requirements. For minors, that is 12 years and below, it's mandatory to bring two photos that are identical. Note that, if any error should appear on the form, it could result in making the application form invalid.

  • A cover letter.

The applicant is required to write a cover letter that should comprise information about other individuals who would accompany the applicant on the trip to Spain. That should include friends, business associates, as well as a family member who intends to travel to Spain for the same purpose.

  • A passport.

When applying for a visa to Spain ensure that you submit an official travel document or a national passport that is signed by relevant authorities. The passport or the travel document should not be more than ten years old, as well as it should remain valid for not less than three months beyond the period that the Spain tourist visa had requested. The passport should contain at least two blank visa pages as well as it should not be damaged in any form.

  • Proof of accommodation.

This is a document indicating that the applicant has booked accommodation for the period on intends to stay in Spain. Also, bring copies of previous passports if you have any.

  • Valid British residence permit.

Ensure you bring your British residence permit either in form of a biometric card or stamped on the passport. The permit should exceed the validity of the Spain tourist visa at least three months.

  • Travel insurance.

This is an insurance cover to indicate that you have covered your medical expenses during your stay in Spain. The medical cover should comprise of a minimum amount of 30000 €. Bring both the originals and copies of the medical insurance cover.

  • Letter from the employer.

If you intend to visit Spain, for work purposes, it's required that you submit a letter from the employer stating the salary rates, position you’ll hold in the company, as well as the starting date.

Ensure you fit all the above Spain visa requirements before applying for a visa to Spain. Get your Spain visa today and enjoy the unforgettable Spain experience.