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There are several types of France visa application that one can make for when visiting France, depending on the reason for the visit. Whether you're going for a visit, work, to reside in France, or studying, you will be required to apply for a Schengen visa accordingly. The France Schengen visa appointment was initiated in 1997 when France joined the European Union and became one of the member states in the Schengen Area.

Monaco a European City located in France is considered a member of the Schengen area, although Monaco hasn’t signed a certain document that was to be included in the agreement. Additionally, there is no established border control from the Schengen countries surrounding the city. Another microstate in the Schengen area is Andorra. The microstate is situated in France as well as Spain performs the border control duties. Hence if you want to enter the state, you will be required to acquire the multi- entry Schengen visa since it essential to apply for France visas.

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Who should and who should not apply for France visas?

It's a fact that not every France territory or every foreigner is required to undertake the France application form since the Schengen visa application policies vary from one state to another. France’s visa can be influenced by different factors. Some of these factors include,

  • The France territory that the applicant intends to visit.
  • Foreign nationality.
  • Duration of the visit.
  • Purpose of the visit.
  • Residence status of the foreigner in France or generally the Schengen area.

Before you decide to go for a France visa appointment, it important to note that the France territories have been separated by law into three main parts namely;

  • The French overseas department.
  • French European territory.
  • French overseas territories.

Why it’s necessary to go for a French visa appointment to either enter or stay in French regions or departments.

There are certain states that are free to travel and stay up to three months without having a Schengen visa appointment. These regions are within Guadeloupe and its member states; Saint Barthelme, as well as, Saint Martin, French Guyana, Reunion, And Martinique. However, nationalists of the Schengen member countries can decide to either visit or stay in any French Overseas regions without a French visa. But there are certain regions in exception, here one must have a French visa to stay or work in these areas. They include South Korea, Australia, Mexico, United States, Singapore or Venezuela. Nationalists of the United State who intend to study, hold an official, diplomatic, or any other service passport, as well as intend to stay in these regions on an official, diplomatic or residing there too for journalism purposes.

Apart from that, nationalists from other regions that are not included in the above categories, can neither stay or enter the French Overseas regions or departments without getting an appropriate France visa obtained by filling the French visa application form.

General documents required to apply for French visas.

To attain a French visa, you are required to download the French visa application form online and fill it completely with honest details. One can also gill in the Schengen visa application form online then later print a hard copy with just a few steps.

Attach 2 passport photos that are recent and clearly show the whole face as well as have a lighting background.

  • Carry your passport as well as copies of previous visas if you have and valid for a minimum of 3 months after the return date. Your passport should have not less than two blank pages.
  • Have a copy of the return ticket reservation. It’s advisable not to buy the ticket before obtaining the visa.
  • You are required to have a travel insurance confirmation of not less than 30,000 € to cover for transport within the Schengen area including France.
  • Have a cover that states the reason for visiting France as well as interary.
  • Have a ticket for Flight reservation.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of civil status, such as birth certificate, death certificate, ration card, or a marriage certificate.
  • Means of subsistence that is proof indicating that the person can sustain him/herself for the period of stay in that particular region.

It's important to note that the signed application should be accompanied by the above-listed documents as well as, they should be submitted personally at the appropriate representative, consulate or the embassy to successfully apply for a France visa.

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