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Portugal Visa

Portuguese Schengen Visa

A Portuguese visa is a special type of visa that can allow you to move within the Schengen member states including Portugal. The Portugal visa allows you to stay in Portugal for a maximum of 90 days, as per the Schengen set rules and regulations. The Portugal visa has for years now been in high demand especially in countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean as well as Spain. The Portuguese tourist visa has become famous due to it’s Oceanside location. Since the place is neighboring the famous Atlantic Ocean, this influences various aspects of its culture such as grilled sardines and salt cod are popular dishes. Here we’ll ensure we assist you in understanding the Portuguese visa, as well as the Portuguese visa requirements. According to research done in 2016, about 204,000 Portuguese visa applications were received and 176,000 Portuguese visas we’re approved.

Important things to consider when applying for a Schengen visa for Portugal.

  • Ensure that your citizenship requires you to get a Schengen visa. Most countries are allowed to move within Europe without a Schengen visa.
  • Book for a Portuguese visa appointment for your Portuguese Schengen visa.
  • Check whether you have the original documents for the official consulate to assess during the Portuguese visa appointment.
  • Avail yourself at the Portugal embassy/consulate on the visa appointment date to get your Portuguese visa processed. Doing reservations for a Portugal Schengen visa or a confirmed Flight itinerary is a convenient way to submit your visa application without purchasing an actual flight ticket which may be a bit expensive in case the visa is rejected.

How it Works !!

Fill The Application Form Online.
Your appoinmtrnet will be booked at visa oofice
Visit the visa office with all essential documents.
You will receive Visa with your Passport via post.

Necessary documents that are needed for applying for a short stay Portugal visas.

  • Ensure that you have a reservation for the Portugal Schengen visa or a flight itinerary. A flight literary is considered a safer method of submitting your visa application since you will not be required to purchase a flight ticket which is expensive if rejected.
  • Have proof of accommodation like booking for hotels. It’s advisable to do your hotel bookings before the visa is approved. This is because many clients have made their hotel bookings thinking that they would cancel later or it’s refundable only to end up cancelling the bookings which result in huge cancellation fees.
  • Have a passport. Your passport should have a minimum of two blank pages as well as it should be valid for not less than 3 months. In case you might be having an old passport, it should also be submitted along with the Portuguese visa application. It a requirement that if you are a minor, the visa application should be filled by both parents as well as attach copies of the parents' passports.
  • Carry to photographs that match the Portuguese visa requirements for the visa application.
  • A personal letter from the applicant clearly indicating the reason for the visit, and give enough information regarding the Flight interary. This letter should be meant to address the embassy of your country.
  • Medical insurance cover of not less than € 30,000 to cover for your medical expenses.
  • Proof of sustenance such as credit cards, travel cards, or bank statements. This will be used as proof that you can sustain yourself financially during your stay in Portugal. If your trip has been sponsored by your parents, then you will be required to show a letter indicating that they are sponsoring your entire trip along with signed bank statements.

Apart from the above requirements, there are also several documents that are essential for the visa application depending on the purpose of the visit.

For a Portugal Schengen visit/tourist visa, you will be required to have the following;
  • Have an invitation letter with the phone number and address of the sponsor or family member. A letter that is signed as well as approved by any competent government or local town hall.
  • Bank statements showing details for that last six months.
  • Passport copies.
For a Portugal Schengen business Visa, it’s mandatory to have the following;
  • An invitation letter from the company you intend to visit, as well as detailed address along with the dates for the costs and plans if any
  • Certificate from the employer allowing your business visit.
  • In case you have been having prior trade relations between the two companies, there must be proof indicating that.
  • Business bank statements from the applicant for that last six months.
  • The company’s registration proofs.
  • The partner company should indicate the coverage of expenses of the applicant during the stay in the Schengen area, on the invitation or letter.

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