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Italy Schengen Visa

If you are there having a busy schedule throughout your time at work, and you would like to enjoy relief from your daily tasks. Then trip to Italy using the Italy tourist visa, is a perfect way to achieve this. All you have to do is apply for an Italy visa application form and fill in the Italy visa requirements, then you’ll be ready to go for your intended trip to Italy. Most people often do find adequate time to spend with their family and friends. But If you are there and you would like to have a great time with your loved ones, then visiting Italy with family and friends would enable to attain your objective.

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Your appoinmtrnet will be booked at visa oofice
Visit the visa office with all essential documents.
You will receive Visa with your Passport via post.

Why apply for an Italian embassy visa application online?

If you're wondering, is there an Italian embassy near me? Get answer is yes, Italian embassies have been established in convenient near you that you can easily access. Get your Italy visit visa today by filling in the Italy application form in the embassy of Italy. France is a wonderful place to have an unforgettable experience with family and friends. Italy is a beautiful place that is admired by most tourists who would like to visit the place due to its, attractions, amazing art, as well as, the rich history of France. Did you know that was about 8 times densely populated compared to the modern New York City? This is a fun fact about Italy. Visit the country and know more about this fact and many others.

Once you have filled and submitted your Italian embassy visa application online, then you’ll have an opportunity to explore these amazing features of Italy. These features may include, coastal line of about 7600 kilometers, architectural designs such as Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Mannerist, as well as, Neoclassical. Additionally, there are other beautiful places like national parks, stunning cliffs, and picturesque. These man-made, as well as, natural wonders in Italy has made the country a major focus for many tourists around the world. It's estimated that more than 50 million tourists visit the country annually. This makes tourism a major source of revenue for the country, contributing up to 60% of Italy’s national income.

What are the Italy visa requirements?

You are lucky if you're among the EEA/ EU members. This is because you will need to only produce an identification card, for you to be allowed to enter Italy. This should be fast and easy since Italy is within the Schengen area hence considered a common area for travelling. However, if you are not among the EEA/EU nationals and you wish to your Italy, then you’ll be required to submit the following documents below before entering Italy.

A valid travel document or a passport.

The travel document or passport suited should be valid for not less than 3 months before the intended date for exit from the Schengen area. The passport or travel document should not be more than 10 years old. If you're under the Italian visa regime, then you’ll be needed to produce a valid Italy Schengen visa. Note that if you possess a British passport, then you are excluded from the criteria of passport issuance, as well as, passport validity.

Other documents that may be needed for you to enter Italy are, proof of financial stability for the trip to Italy, as well as, sustenance, and an invitation letter issued by the Italian company or host. It's important to note that the Italian border will determine whether to fit all the requirements for entering Italy. If by any chance they feel you are no risk for Italy and it’s citizens, then you will be granted permission to enter Italy, a Schengen area.

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