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Documents required to apply for an Italy Schengen visa.

For you to enter the Schengen is, Italy included, you will need to produce certain documents in order to fit the Italy visa requirements. Failure to submit this document will deny you a chance to visit Italy, as well as you’ll not be eligible for an Italy Schengen visa appointment. It’s mandatory to submit these documents so that you can get your Italy visa application approved. You will also be needed to bring copies of several documents during the Italy visa appointment. It’s advisable not to carry any stuff or luggage with you since it’s against the Schengen visa rules and regulations. Also, ensure to keep time when arriving for the interview at a visa Centre since if you arrive late, you’ll incur extra charges that could be evaded if you could have arrived a bit early.

Regardless of whether it’s an Italy tourist visa, business visa, spouse of UK/EU or any other type of visa, it’s essential to produce accurate as wells as right documents, at an Italy visa Center in order to qualify for various types of Italy visa requirements. It’s advisable to seek assistance from experts when it comes to applying for an Italy visa since each case will require a different requirement form the applicant. Here we’ll ensure to guide you in how to attain your Italy Schengen visa easily and on time. Below are important documents needed when applying for an Italy Schengen visa.

If you are looking for the Italy Schengen visa Information, then here is the list of documents which is the essential document list for processing the visa application for fulfilling the Italy Schengen visa requirement please check in below.

  • An application form.

Ensure that you fill in the application form appropriately the print the application form. Once you have printed the Italy application form, ensure to sign at the end. Ensure that the information stated in the application form you printed matches the information provided by the documents submitted for the Italy visa application form.

  • Two identical photographs.

The 2 identical photographs to be submitted should not be more than 3 months old, as well as they should comply with the Italy visa requirements.

  • A valid passport.

It's a requirement that you produce a valid passport along with the other documents needed for the Italy visa application. Ensure that your passport contains either two or more blank visa pages. The passport should be less than 10 years old, and valid for more than 3 months beyond the tome you intend to leave Italy, and the Schengen area generally. Bring copies of previous passports in there is any.

  • Have a Schengen travel visa insurance.

It’s a necessary requirement to have a medical cover for all medical expenses within Italy, and the entire Schengen area. The medical insurance is meant to cover all your medical expenses. The medical cover should comprise of not less than €30000.

  • Travel itinerary.

Proof of travel is a document that clearly indicates that you booked for a flight to either leave or enter Italy. This document should indicate the dates, flight numbers, as well as your personal details.

  • Proof of accommodation.

This is a document that will assure the Italy Schengen services that you have paid for accommodation or a hotel reservation for the period you’ll stay in Italy. You will also be required to produce an Attestation accursed, if you’ll be residing with a French family or your finances are being catered by a sponsor.

  • Letter from employer.

If you intend to go and work in Italy, it’s mandatory to produce a letter that should not be older than three months, stating the job position you’ll hold in the company, starting date, as well as the amount of salary to be paid.

  • A cover letter.

This is a personal letter that will explain the purpose of applying for the Italy Schengen visa, how you intend to spend your time in Italy, the time of departure and other necessary information.