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Guidelines on how to apply for a Portugal visa.

There are certain documents that are mandatory when applying for the Portugal Schengen visa. They are important in fulfilling the Portugal visa requirements. Without these documents, you may not be permitted to fill in the Portugal visa application form. Hence you will be required to submit valid copies of these documents so that your Portugal visa an be approved. Also, during the Portugal visa appointment, you will be needed to bring additional documents that will be specified to you before the Portugal visa appointment. Applicants are prohibited from carrying any kind of stuff or luggage since it’s against the rules. If you are late for the appointment, you will be charged an extra penny.

Depending on whether it's a Portugal work visa, tourist visa, or any other kind of visa, it’s essential to produce accurate documents when applying for your visa. Depending on the purpose of the visa, the Portugal visa fees may vary. Different cases have different visa requirements. Here we’ll ensure to enable you to know how you can acquire a Portugal Visa with a simple procedure. Below are essential documents that you need to process the Portugal Visa.

If you are looking for the Portugal Visa Information, then here is the list of documents which is the essential document list for processing the visa application for fulfilling the Portugal Visa requirement please check in below.

  • An application form.

You can use a blue pen in filling the Portuguese Visa application or print the form online. The visa application forms should contain original signatures of the applicant.

  • Bring two identical photos.

Ensure that the photographs delivered should meet ICAO standards as well as it should be filed to the application letter. They should have a white background and it should be more than three years old. If you’re a minor, that is below twelve years, you’re required to bring two clear photos.

Submit a short stay Portuguese visa that is fully completed as well as signed by the applicant.

You should note that in case of any mistake in the form, it could make it invalid both the original as well as copies.

  • Cover letter to be submitted by the applicant.

Every cover letter should include information about any other individual accompanying persons applying for the Portuguese tourist visa application. These people may include family members, business associates, as well as friends who are travelling for the same purpose.

  • passport.

It is mandatory to have an official travel document or a national passport that is signed. The travel document should be more than 10 years old, as well as it should be valid for not less than 3 months beyond the Portugal visa processing time.

The passport should not be damaged and it should comprise of two blank pages.

  • Proof of accommodation.

It’s important to have evidence of hotel accommodations to assure the Portugal Schengen visa service that you’ve booked accommodation for the period you will spend during your stay in Portugal. In case you will be staying with a Salinity member in Portugal, then you will be needed to submit an original attestation accursed Issued by the sponsor.

Bring copies of previous visas if you have them, both the original and copies.

  • Any previous passports.

In case you might be having one or more passports in the past, ensure you produce them along with copies of your previous visas, both original as well as copies.

  • Residence permit.

It's essential to produce a British residence permit either in the form of a biometric card or stamped in the passport. The residence permit should also be valid for 3 months after your Portugal tourist visa has been approved.

  • Travel insurance.

It’s a requirement that travel insurance should be applicable to the Schengen zone. This is in accordance to your itinerary.

The insurance cover should include medical coverage of not less than 30000 €, and it should remain valid for the whole duration you’ll stay within the Schengen area.

  • Letter from the employer.

The letter presented by the employer should clearly indicate the position held in the company, starting rates, as well as, the salary to be paid. It should not be more than 3 months old. Before applying for a Portugal Schengen visa, kindly ensure that you meet all the above requirements.