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Guidelines on how to apply for your France visa.

For you to fulfill the France visa requirements, there are certain documents that you are required to submit when applying for your France visa. Failure to submit these documents when applying for your France visa, you will not qualify for a France visa appointment. Hence it’s essential for you to submit genuine as well as accurate documents in order to make your France visa approved. Also during your France visa appointment, you’ll be required to submit other few copies of documents that will be notified to you before the appointment day. When coming for the appointment, applicants are not allowed to carry luggage or any other thing since it’s against the rules set. Ensure to arrive at a visa center early to avoid being charged an additional penny.

It’s important to produce genuine and accurate documents to qualify for various types of visa requirements. Since each case has a different requirement, it’s important to seek advice from experts to avoid ambiguity. Here we’ll ensure we provide the procedure on how you can easily acquire your France visa. There are documents that one will be required to produce when applying for your French visa. These documents are;

If you are looking for the France Visa Information, then here is the list of documents which is the essential document list for processing the visa application for fulfilling the France visa requirement please check in below.

  • An application form.

You are required to fill in the Franc visa application form. However, you can either print the form online or fill in manually using a blue pen. Once you’re through with filling the application form, ensure you sign at the bottom. Note the signature of the applicant that’s on the application form should be original. Once you’re done, submit the original application form as well as two photocopies.

  • Bring two identical photos.

You will be required to bring two identical photos that are not more than three months old. The photos should match France Schengen visa requirements. If you are a minor that 12 years and below, you’ll be needed to produce two photos. For a France tourist visa ensure that it contains an original signature of the applicant at the bottom of the second page. For minors, it should be signed by a legal guardian or the parents of the applicant. Note that, in case of any errors in the application form it could result in cancellation of the visa.

  • A cover letter.

It's a requirement that the applicant should draft a cover letter. The letter should include details of other people who would accompany the persons applying for the France visa. These people may include, family, friends, or business associates who intend to travel to France along with the applicant for the same purpose.

  • A passport.

It’s mandatory to produce a valid travel document or a national passport that’s signed by relevant authorities. The passport or travel documents should be less the validity of the at ten years old, as well as it should be valid for not less than three months beyond the French tourist visa. The passport should contain more than two blank visa pages and it should not be damaged in any way.

  • Proof of accommodation.

You are required to produce proof of accommodation so that you can assure the France visa services that you have fully catered for your accommodation during your stay in France. If you will be residing in a French family during your stay in France, then you will be required to produce an original Attestation accursed issued by the sponsor. You can as well bring copies of previous passports if you have any. But he the original and copies.

  • Valid British residence permit.

You will be needed to bring a valid British residence permit either in the form of a biometric card or stamped in the passport.

  • Travel insurance.

It's essential to bring travel insurance that comprises of a medical cover of not less than € 30000. This meant to cater to your medical expenses during your stay in France. Bring both the originals as well as copies of the medical cover.

  • Letter from the employer.

If you intend to go to France to work or for employment, ensure that you have a letter from the company or organization that you intend to work for. The letter should be lee that three months old, as well as it should clearly indicate the starting date, salary rates, as well as the position hold in the company.

Without the above documents, you may not be eligible for a France visa application. Get all your documents ready, in order to apply for your French visa easily and efficiently.